EN IEC 62832-3:2020 pdf free.Industrial-process measurement, control and automation – Digital factory framework – Part 3: Application of Digital Factory for life cycle management of production systems (IEC 62832-3:2020).
A view is a set of information extracted from a search space.Different views of the informationabout the PS assets or roles reduce the complexity that is presented to the user. These viewssupport operational activities to access,manage, and update the information. A givenoperational activity typically does not use all of the PS asset information.
lt is possible to filter the information for a particular technical discipline or for a particularapplication aspect.
A technical discipline is defined as an area of technical expertise applied to a specific set ofactivities.A particular view may be provided for multiple technical disciplines, because activitieswhich belong to different technical disciplines need to exchange the same common information.
For a particular activity, the view should be provided based on two aspects. The first aspect iswhat kinds of elements of information are shown in the view, and the second aspect is howthose elements are associated in the view.
The first aspect is provided by filtering, and the second aspect is provided by supporting multipleviews with different hierarchies. The DF framework provides support for the first aspect(filtering) but does not support the second aspect (organization of filtering results into views).
A particular application might be related to a tool processing information from a Library or froma DigitalFactory for a specific purpose.
lf views are used to select only the relevant information,subsequent processing of thisinformation can be executed more efficiently.This may be implemented by using a combinationof multiple ViewElements.
ViewElements may be used to filter information from Libraries or in DigitalFactories (dependingon the defined search space).This allows filtering information specific for a TechnicaiDiscipline.
In order to find a specific DFassetClass in a Library, a ViewElement shall be used.The Librarycan be filtered to find a DFassetClass derived from a specific DFassetClassDefinition, whichhas certain DataElements with specific values.
A ViewElement shall be used to define which information from the DFassetClasses is filteredfrom the Library.This helps comparing DFassetClasses.
EXAMPLE Selection of replacement for a failed asset.
To select assets replacing an existing asset, the replacement needs to fulfil all necessary requirements, even if thesame PS asset type is no longer available on the market. Therefore, the new part needs to be selected by its technicalparameters.The ViewElement is used to define the technical parameters for selection.
A ViewElement shall be used to find a specific DFasset, DFassetLink or DFassetAssignment ina DigitalFactory.
A DFasset can be found,if it is derived from a specific DFassetClass and has certainDataElements with specific DataValues.
A DFassetLink can be found if it is derived from a specific DFassetClassAssociation.EN IEC 62832-3 pdf download.