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Today I will share IEC 60282-1-2020 pdf.You know IEC 60282-1-2020 free download here.The title is High-voltage fuses – Part 1: Current-limiting fuses.Size:111M.You need longer time to download the pdf file.
IEC 60282-1:2020 applies to all types of high-voltage current-limiting fuses designed for use outdoors or indoors on alternating current systems of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and of rated voltages exceeding 1 000 V.
This eighth edition cancels and replaces the seventh edition published in 2009.
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
– additional information concerning thermally operated strikers;
– the division of ratings, characteristics and type tests into those applicable to all fuses and those applicable to particular fuse-link types and applications;
– adjustment of Series II voltages and tests to meet present North American standard system voltages and applications;
– clarification of requirements for fuse-links used in surrounding temperatures above 40 °C; and
– clarification of homogeneous requirements for fuse-links containing one element.
By agreement between the manufacturer and the user, high-voltage fuses may be used under conditions different from the normal service conditions given in 4. 1. For any special service condition. the manufacturer shall be consulted.
4.3 Environmental behaviour
Fuses complying with this document are inert devices during normal service. It is also a requirement of 6. 1.3 that no significant external emission takes place. Therefore, they are regarded as environmentally safe devices in service and operation.

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