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IEC 60352-3:2020 free download.Solderless connections – Part 3: Accessible insulation displacement (ID) connections – General requirements, test methods and practical guidance.
The two following parts of IEC 60352 are available on solderless insulation displacement con nections.
Part 3: Accessible insulation displacement connections -General requirements, test methods and practical guidance;
Part 4: Solderless non-accessible insulation displacement connections- General requirements, test methods and practical guidance.
NOTE: In this document the term “insulation displacement” is abbreviated to”ID for example “ID connection”, “ID termination”.
Figure 1: illustrates examples of accessible and non-accessible insulation displacement connections that clarify the difference among them.
Part 3: includes requirements and relevant tests(normative)as well as a practical guidance in Annex A(informative )for accessible ID connections.
This philosophy permits cost and time effective performance verification using a limited basic test schedule for established insulation displacement connections and an expanded full test schedule for connections requiring more extensive performance validation.
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