IEC 60439-2:2000/AMD1:2005 pdf download

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IEC 60439-2:2000/AMD1:2005 pdf free download.Amendment 1 – Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 2: Particular requirements for busbar trunking systems (busways).
Note: this publication has been replaced by IEC 61439-6:2012
IEC 60439-2:2000/AMD1:2005 applies to busbar trunking systems (BTS) and their accessories for feeding and distributing electrical power in residential, retail, public, agricultural and idustrial premises. It also applies to busbar trunking systems which are designed to incorporate communication and/or control systems or intended to supply luminaires through tap-off units but does not apply to supply track systems in accordance with IEC 60570.
The busbar trunking systems considered in this standard are type-tested ASSEMBLIES(TTA) when tested in accordance with clause 8 of this standard; variations in length and angles of bends are considered to be covered.
Tap-off units may be partially type-tested ASSEMBLIES (PTTA).
4.9. 2 Resistance, reactance and impedance values of the system
under fault conditions
The following applies to BTS rated above 100 A.
The manufacturer shall state in the manner described in clause 5 the following fault-loop impedance values, in order to permit calculations of short-circuit and fault currents in every point of an electrical installation which includes a busbar trunking system.
Either of the following methods may be used to calculate such fault currents.

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