IEC 60755:2017 pdf free download

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IEC 60755:2017,General safety requirements for residual current operated protective devices.IEC 60755:2017 pdf free download.
IEC 60755 has been prepared as a Group Safety Publication by subcommittee 23E in accordance with its Group Safety Function for residual current devices.It is intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards for residual current unit, function or devices when it is intended to provide protective measures according to IEC 60364 (all parts).
There are two basic conditions of protection against the risk of electric shock: fault protection (indirect contact) and basic protection ( direct contact).
Fault protection implies that the device is used to prevent dangerous voltages persisting on accessible installation metalworks, which are earthed but become live under earth fault conditions.
Under such conditions, the risk arises not from the user making direct contact with a live conductive part, but making contact with earthed metalwork, which itself is in contact with a live conductive part.
The operating characteristics given in this document are therefore based on requirement,which themselves are based on the information contained in IEC 60479-1 and IEC 60479-2.
Residual current devices having rated residual operating currents not exceeding 300 mA also provide protection against the risk of fire resulting from earth fault currents which can exist for lengthy periods without operating the overcurrent protective device.
IEC 60775:2017provides general minimum requirements, recommendations and information for the drafting of standards on residual current operated protective devices (hereinafter referred to as residual current devices, “RCDs”). It applies to any device providing residual current protection intended primarily for protection against electric shock hazard.

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