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IEC 60838-1:2020 pdf free download.Miscellaneous lampholders – Part 1: General requirements and tests.
IEC 60838-1:2020 applies to lampholders of miscellaneous types intended for building-in (to be used with general purpose light sources, projection lamps, floodlighting lamps and street-lighting lamps with caps as listed in Annex A)and the methods of test to be used in determining the safe use of lamps in lampholders.
IEC 60838-1:2020 also covers lampholders which are integral with a luminaire. It covers the requirements for the lampholder only.
IEC 60838-1:2020 also covers lampholders integrated in an outer shell and dome similar to Edison screw lampholders. Such lampholders are further tested in accordance with the relevant clauses of IEC 60238.
Requirements for lampholders for tubular fluorescent lamps, Edison screw lampholders and bayonet lampholders are covered by separate standards.
7.1 Lampholders shall be marked with the following mandatory markings:
a)mark of origin (this may take the form of a trade mark, manufacturers identification mark or the name of the responsible vendpr);
b)either a unique catalogue number or an identifying reference;
Available technical documentation of the manufacturer such as printed catalogues or online catalogues shall allow a clear identification of a lampholder either by a unique catalogue umber or by an identifying reference on the holder, specifying the essential characteristic features and the basic design of the product supplemented by a clear description. Variations of the basic design, for example different cable length, fixing means, colours, which do not affect safety or performance of the lampholder, may be disregarded in the type reference marked on the product. Variations included in the type testing procedure are listed in the corresponding test reports.
If a combination of lampholder components determines the lampholder designation, for example an assembly of a lamp connector and a retaining spring, the combination should be clearly identifiable.

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