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Here you can download IEC 61754-7-3:2019 pdf .Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Fibre optic connector interfaces – Part 7-3: Type MPO connector family – Two fibre rows 16 fibre wide.
The parent connector for type MPO connector family is a multiway plug characterized by a rectangular ferrule normally 6, 4 mm x 2, 5 mm which utilizes two pins of 0, 55 mm diameter as its alignment. The variant in this document provides a joint of 32 fibres by arraying them between two pin-positioning holes in the ferrule in a two-layer(two-row)arrangement. The connector includes a push-pull coupling mechanism and a ferrule spring loaded in the direction of the optical axis. The connector has a single male key which may be used to orient and limit the relative position between the connector and the component to which it is mated.
There are two angled-interface plugs, one called down-angled and the other up-angled. They are defined for both male and female plugs. The up and down descriptors refer to the til with angled interfaces, one down-angled plug and one up-angled plug shall be connedey g direction of the ferrules angled end-face relative to the fibre axis when looking toward the end face with the plugs key feature on the top. For down-angled plugs, the angled surface faces slightly downward. For up-angled plugs, the angled surface faces slightly upward. These different angles affect intermateability for the two adaptor types. An opposed keyway adaptor mates two plugs with the keys in opposite orientations, for example one side keyway-up and the other keyway-down. In contrast, an aligned keyway adaptor mates two plugs with the keys at the same orientation. When using an opposed keyway adaptor with angled interfaces,two down-angled plugs or two up-angled plugs shall be connected. For aligned keyway adaptors.

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