IEC 62919-2017 pdf free.Content management – Monitoring and management of personal digital content.
4.1 View of digital content
Clause 4 shows the system behaviour and operations to visualize and monitor all digital content that users have. The system behaviour and operations are listed as follows.
a) Each device sends out the content preservation information to the content information server, which gathers the information on digital content saved on the device.
b)The content information server receives and stores the content preservation information.The saved content preservation information can be extracted in user ID units. Figure 1 shows the system behaviour on a) and b) in 4.1.
c) The content information server provides an interface that enables other servers to extract content information in user ID units. The same or other servers can use the interface to create the HTML format on my library and send it to the monitoring devices. The interface also enables other servers and service providers to get, search and analyze users’ content usage information or content preference information.
d) The monitoring device requests the web server to send the information on my library, as shown in Figure 3. The web server gets content preservation information via the interface provided on content information server and creates the HTML format.
e) The web server distributes the information on my library to the monitoring devices in user ID units.
f) If users acquire new digital content, the users’ content preservation information is changed. In that case, the change is notified to the monitoring devices appropriately and the monitoring devices render the change and modify its view.
g) The content information can be shared among other users in a group, such as a family, a household or colleagues.
NOTE 4.1 d), e). f) and g) indicate the operations to distribute and render the content information on my library. They are dependent on the implementation and improvement. Therefore, d), e), 1) and g) are out of scope and described as informative in this document.
4.2 Consumption of digital content
If users want to access or consume digital content from my library, the application sends a request for content delivery to the content server or other devices. Its access methods can be implemented over the existing, or new, technology.
Figure 4 shows an overview on how to consume digital content on my library.IEC 62919 pdf download.