IEC TS 62647-4-2018 pdf free.Process management for avionics -Aerospace and defence electronic systems containing lead-free solder – Part 4: Ball grid array (BGA) re-balling.
The intent of this document is to provide re-balling companies (hereinafter referred to as there-balling provider) with the administrative and technical requirements to be incorporatedwithin existing processes or for establishing,implementing and maintaining a new set ofprocesses or the creation of a stand-alone re-balling process.
This document is intended to be used by de-balling/re-balling providers and customers,typically avionics original equipment manufacturers (OEM); it defines the requirements for re-balling providers who are providing services to the aerospace, defence, high performance andhigh reliability electronics industry.
Requirements for new BGA component part number qualification are also included. Thisdocument identifies the need for the creation of new part numbers for re-balled BGAcomponents,covers process and testing requirements for the de-balling/re-balling processand encourages the automated processes due to the ability to control the process.
Companies engaged in re-balling are supposed to have the necessary knowledge, experienceand tools,and to customize if needed their own methods for defining a de-balling/re-ballingprocess that meets the requirements in this document.
Each customer determines the applicability of this document and the need for full replacementof the existing solder balls.Some applications can have unique requirements that exceed thescope of this document and are therefore specified separately.
This document is not intended to address all procedures and processes associated with a de-balling/re-balling facility; it is assumed there are management, quality,manufacturing, safety,calibration and training processes/procedures in place as well as all the necessary tools andequipment to accomplish the work.
Although developed for the avionics industry, this process can be applied by other industrialsectors at their discretion.
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