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IEC TS 63064:2018,Graphical symbols for diagrams – Guidance on design for standardization in IEC 60617.IEC TS 63064:2018 pdf free download here.
IEC TS 63064:2018,gives guidance and basic principles on how to design graphical symbols for diagrams for standardization and inclusion in IEC 60617.
This document does not specify how to apply such graphical symbols in the diagrams.
2 Normative references
IEC 60027 (all parts),Letter symbols to be used in electrical technology;
IEC 60617, graphical symbols for diagrams;
IEC 62744: 2014, Representation of states of objects by graphical symbols;
IEC 80000(all parts);Quantities and units;
If this is not suitable then the following rules shall be applied.
The design process shall start by providing a definition of the concept to be represented by the graphical symbol, together with an associated name (see IEC 60617).The concept shall be defined unambiguously.

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