IEEE 45.3-2015 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Shipboard Electrical Installations-Systems Engineering IEEE Industry Applications Society.
IEEE Std 45.3 provides a consensus of recommended practices for systems engineering and integration of electrical power systems as applied specifically to ships, shipboard systems, and equipment. IEEE Std 45.3 applies primarily to the design of moderately and highly complex vessels. Designers of less complex vessels should selectively apply these recommended practices to address specific systems engineering challenges.
1.4 The IEEE 45 series of documents
The IEEE 45 series of documents and their relationships are shown in Figure I. IEEE. Std 45.3 is a recommended practice addressing the systems engineering of electrical power systems on ships and marine platftrms. Electrical power systems integration should be considered from the projec beginning and throughout the design and construction processes. Adherence to the IEEE 453TM electrical power systems integration recommended practice provides an efTective set of integration requirements and identifies key issues and recommended solutions or options.
During the development of the IEEE 45 Series, there was much discussion on the focus of IEEE 45.3 and the difference between IEEE P45.1 and IEEE Std 45.3. To clarif’ the differences, the following definitions (quoted from the IEEE Standards Diciiontirv Online) are provided:
— design baseline: The output of the baseline design phase (equivalent to the preliminary baseline of detailed design” defined below).
detailed design: “The process of refining and expanding the preliminary design of a system or component to the extent that the design is sufficiently completc to be implemented.” product baseline: “The initial approved technical documentation defining a configuration item during the production operation, maintenance, and logistic support of its life cycle.” See also 3.1.
— sstems engineering: “An interdisciplinary collaborative approach to derive, evolve, and verify a life-cycle balanced system solution that satisfies customer expectations and meets public acceplability.”
system life cycle: “The period of time that begins whcn a system is conceived and ends whcn the system is no longer available for usc.” See also 3.1.
Figure 2 shows the design process from concept design to product baseline and the relationship between IEEE P45.1 (I’l II and IEEE Std 45.3. This document (IEEE Std 45.3) discusses requirements for all phases of system integration with an emphasis on the phases leading up to the completion of the design baseline.IEEE 45.3 pdf free download.