ISO 13207-1-2012 pdf free download.Road vehicles – LED lamp characteristics for bulb compatible failure detection – Part 1: LED lamps used as direction indicators.
This part of ISO 13207 specifies the characteristics of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps used as direction indicators when optionally monitored. It applies primarily to those lamps which are installed on 24V truck/trailer combinations. It will enable lamp-failure detection of LED lamps on the drawn vehicle to be compatible with that for bulbs when analysed by the towing unit.
2 Terminals
The connection between the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle should be either as described in ISO 1185
and ISO 3731 or as described in ISO 12098. Towing vehicles should be equipped with electronic control units
(ECUs), which drive the trailer direction indicator lamps as described in ISO 4082.
3 Functional description
3.1 Principle
Lamp-failure monitoring electronics are required for mandatory mounted direction-indicator functions. For this purpose, the LED direction-indicator function generates a current impulse at a certain time; this current impulse corresponds in terms of amount with the current of a conventional bulb lamp. lithe LED direction indicator fails (in relation to the legal requirement of the photometric output), this pulse is not generated. An ECU or intelligent flasher interprets whether the LED direction indicator fails on the basis of this pulse. The result should be used to inform the driver accordingly.
The functional description of the profiles is shown in Figure 1. If a current as described in Figure 3 is detected in time frame T5 in the first process, the condition of the lamp is recognized as a non-failur&,
3.2 Parallel operation of LED and bulb lamps
The number of functioning direction indicators can be determined on the basis of the amplitude of the pulse when switching on several direction indicators in parallel. In the case of a lamp with mixed LED/21 W bulb light sources, the amplitude of the pulse also provides information about the number of functioning direction indicators connected.ISO 13207-1 pdf download.