IEEE 1646-2004 pdf free.IEEE Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation Automation.
IEEE 1646 shall be used in conjunction with the following normative publications. When the referenced standard is superseded by an approved revision, the revision shall apply. IEEE Std 1588″ -2002, IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems.
3. Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
3.1 Definitions For the purposes of this standard, the following terms and definitions apply. The Authoritative Dictionary of IEEE Standards, Seventh Edition [B7], should be referenced for terms not defined in this clause. The following conventions are used for cross referencing: Contr: Refers to a term that has an opposed or substantively different meaning. See: Refers to a related term that has a similar, but not synonymous meaning. Syn: Indicates that the term has the same meaning as another term, which is referenced.
3.1.1 adjacent component protection: Protection of power system equipment at one substation based on data measured at others, e.g.. line differential protection and teleprotection.
3.1.2 alarm processing: Alarm analysis procedures to improve presentation of alarm data. It ranges from updating alarm lists and producing group alarms up to more intelligent evaluations. 3.1.3 asynchronous transmission: In data communications, a method of transmission in which sending and receiving of data is controlled by control characters rather than by a timing sequence.
3.1.4 automatic switching sequences: Automatic sequential operation of groups of power system devices to reduce operator workload and/or switching time and to avoid unsuccessful or unnecessary switching attempts.
3.1.5 availability of data: State in which data are where the user needs them, when the user needs them, and how the user needs them.
3.1.6 breaker: A device that connects and disconects power circuits, with fltt-tererupting capability; Syn: circuit breaker.
3.1.7 breaker (health) monitoring: A function that measures a breaker’ s parameters for decisions on needed maintenance or repair.IEEE 1646 pdf download.