IEEE 982.1-2005 pdf free.IEEE Standard Dictionary of Measures of the Software Aspects  of  Dependability.
IEEE 982.1 has the following clauses: Clause 1 provides the scope of this standard. Clause 2 provides a set of definitions. Clause 3 through Clause 5 specify new, modified, and existing measures for reliability, respectively. Clause 6 and Clause 7 specify new measures for maintainability and availability, respectively. In addition, there are three informative annexes. Annex A documents the process that was used to determine whether a measure in the existing standard should be modified, retained, or deleted; this annex states the criteria that were used to determine whether a measure should be included in the standard, including new measures. Annex B describes the Soflwctre Rellabilitv Engineering case Stud, which provides a case study example of how to apply selected measures in Clause 3. Annex C is a glossary of terms taken from The Authoritative Didllonarv of IEEE Staiidards Terms [B81.’ Annex D is a bibliography that provides additional information about measures in Clause 3 through Clause 7. Table I summarizes the categories of measures. Numerical applications of the measures can be found in the reference(s) that are keyed to each measure.
This standard specifies and classifies measures of the software aspects of dependability. It is an expansion of the scope of the existing standard: the revision includes the following aspects of dependability:
reliability, availability, and maintainability of software. The applicability of this standard is any software system; in particular, it applies to mission critical systems. where high reliability, availability, and maintainability are of utmost importance. These systems include, but are not limited to, systems for military combat, space missions, air traffic control. network operations, stock exchanges, automatic teller machines, and airline reservation systems.
This standard provides measures that are applicable for continual self-assessment and improvement of the software aspects of dependability.
An application of the measures specified herein complies with this standard if Clause 2 through Clause 7 are implemented, with the exception of subclauses identified as either “Experience” and “Tools”. These subclauses are intended to (1) provide information about application domains for a given measure and (2) identify the types of’ tools appropriate for computing that measure.IEEE 982.1 pdf free download.