IEEE 802.1ad-2005 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks Amendment 4: Provider Bridges.
Insert the following definitions into Clause 3, in appropriate collaring sequence,
renumbering existing/new definitions as appropriate:
3.1 C-VLAN coniponent: A VLAN-aware bridge component with each Port supported by an instance of the EISS that can recognize. insert, and remove Customer VLAN tags.
3.2 C-VLAN Bridge: A VLAN Bridge.
3.3 customer: The purchaser of a service instance from a service provider. Often a business.
NOTE—Certain tenns in this standard, including customer and service provider, reflect common business relationships that exist among the users of equipment implemented in conformance with IEEE Std 802.1 Q. The use of these terms does not imply or impose any requirement on such business relationships.
3.4 Customer Bridge: A MAC Bridge as specified by IEEE Std 8O2.1D”4 or a VLAN Bridge as specified by IEEE Std 802. lQ.
3.5 Customer Bridged Local Area Network: A network of Customer Bridges.
3.6 Customer Edge Port: A C-VLAN component Port on a Provider Edge Bridge that is connected to
customer owned equipment and receives and transmits frames for a single customer.
3.7 customer equipment: The physical embodiment of one or more customer systems.
3.8 Customer Network Port: An S-VLAN component Port on a Provider Bridge or within a Provider Edge Bridge that receives and transmits frame for a single customer.
3.9 customer system: A system attached to Provider Bridged Network but not intended by the service provider to be under the control of the service provider.
3.10 customer tagged frames: Frames that include a C-TAG.
3.11 C-tagged service interface: The interface provided by a Provider Edge Bridge to allow the attached customer to select between and identify service instances using the C-VIE) associated with transmitted and received frames.
3.12 Customer VLAN: A VLAN identified by an C-VID.
3.13 Customer VLAN ID: A VLAN ldentifier conveyed in a C-TAG.
3.14 Customer VLAN tag: A VLAN tag with a Tag Protocol Identification value allocated for”802.1Q Tag Protocol Type”.
3.15 Port-based service interface: The interface provided by a Provider Bridge that associates all customer frames with a single service instance.
3.16 Provider Bridge: An S-VLAN Bridge or a Provider Edge Bridge.
3.17 Provider Bridged Network: A network using Provider Bridges to offer customer protocol transparent connectivity.IEEE 802.1ad pdf download.