ISO 472-2013 pdf free download.Plastics一Vocabulary.
ISO 472 defines terms used in the plastics industry, including terms and definitions appearing in plastics standards (of ISO/TC 61) and general terms and definitions of polymer science used in all aspects of plastics technology.
NOTE In addition to terms in English and French (two of the three official ISO languages), this vocabulary includes the equivalent terms in German; these have been included under the responsibility of the member body for Germany (DIN). However, only the terms and definitions in the official languages can be considered as ISO terms and definitions.
2 Terms and definitions
When a term has one or more synonyms, they follow the preferred term. The synonyms are listed in alphabetical order. Deprecated terms are indicated by “deprecated)”.
IUPAC rules for source-based names of polymers specify that, when “poiy is followed by more than one word, parentheses are used. The IUPAC practice is followed in this International Standard. In common use, the parentheses are often omitted.
For terms involving olefins, the name used commonly in the plastics industry has been utilized rather than the (scientific) name approved by I UPAC; for example, polyethylene is used as opposed to polyethene.
Some definitions in this International Standard begin with information in angled brackets. This has been added to indicate limitation of the definition to a particular field.
In the English text, the word class (I.e. noun’, ‘verb or adjectlve9 of terms is indicated where necessary to avoid ambiguity.
2.786 abrasive wear
<abrasion testing> progressive loss of material from the operating surface of a plastic material resulting from the cutting or scratching action of an abrasive wheel
2.785 abrasive wheel
<abrasion testing> small grinding wheel or a roller faced with abrasive paper
2.1666 accelerated-ageing test
short-term test designed to simulate the effects of longer-term service conditions
2.1 accelerator promoter
substance used in small proportions to increase the reaction rate of a chemical system (reactants, plus other additives).ISO 472 pdf download.