BS ISO 20214:2015 pdf free.Space data and information transfer systems – Security architecture for space data systems.
This document is intended as a high-level systems engineering reference to enable engineers to better understand the layered security concepts required to secure a space system. As such. this document is a Security Architecture for Space Data Systems (SASDS).
This architecture uses the views described in the Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems (reference LB 1]) developed by the CCSDS Architecture Working Group.
The SASDS will be used:
— to establish an overall CCSDS conceptual framework tor the incoq)raLion of security into the data systems of space missions:
— to define common language and representation so that risks, requirements, and solutions in the area of security within space data systems can be readily communicated:
— to provide a source of information for the security architects on a space mission to use to develop the system security design:
— to facilitate development of standards in a consistent way so that any standard can be used with other appropriate standards in a system.
1.1.2 SCOPE
This document presents a security reference architecture for space data systems and is intended to provide a standardized approach for description of security within data system architectures and high-level designs, which individual working groups may use within
For further information regarding security’s role in space systems. the reader is directed to the supporting CCSDS documentation listed in annex B.
Section 2 provides an introduction into how the security architecture uses the Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems (RASDS).
Section 3 discusses the security concepts that need to be addressed by any security architecture.
Section 4 examines the security concepts and shows how the CCSDS architecture outlined in
sections 2 and 3 relate to each other.
Section 5 establishes high-level principles and the scope that the security architecture addresses.
Section 6 ilustrates a series of mission profiles which help identify where security is required, what the issues are, and what solutions are applicable.
Section 7 specifies the security reference architecture.
Annex A addresses security considerations pertaining to use of this Recommended Practice for developing real security architectures for missions.
Annex B lists informative references.
Annex C is a glossary of abbreviations and acronyms used in the document.BS ISO 20214 pdf download.