BS ISO 8854:2012 pdf free download.Road vehicles – Alternators with regulators – 1 Test methods and general requirements.
BS ISO 8854 specifies test methods and general requirements for the determination of the electrical characteristic data of alternators for road vehicles.
It applies to alternators, cooled according to the supplier’s instructions, mounted on internal combustion engines.
2 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3 Test conditions
3.1 Ambient temperature
Tests shall be carried out at an ambient temperature of Tamb = (23 ± 5) DC and may optionally also be performed at higher temperatures.
3.2 Air pressure
Tests shall be carried out at the standard atmospheric pressure.
Deviating conditions (e.g. measuring location, altitude, weather) shall be recorded.
3.3 Sense of rotation
Sense of alternator rotation shall be in accordance with the supplier’s specification.
3.4 Drive control
The drive control shall meet the set alternator frequency values with a limit deviation of (no set ± 5) min1.
3.5 Load current control
The load current control shall meet the requested set current values with a limit deviation of (‘Set ± 1,0) A.
3.6 Measuring accuracy
The test equipment shall allow measurements of all parameters to be carried out within the limit deviations specified in Table 1.
4 Test equipment
4.1 Ambient air
4.1.1 Flow rate
The input air flow within the alternator area shall be constant and reproducible. The maximum permissible flow rate shall be limited to I rn/s.
4.1.2 Direction of flow
The direction of the air flow within the alternator area shall be constant and reproducible. If possible, the air should flow from bottom to top.
4.1.3 Measurement of ambient temperature
The measuring point is located on the B side of the alternator (slip ring end, shield side) in line with the shaft and at a distance of (10 ± 1) cm from the protective cap.
The spatial extent of the sensitive part of the temperature probe shall be limited to a cube with edges of 20 mm in length.
4.2 Terminal connecting plan
For the tests, connections shall be established according to Figure 1. During the tests, the ignition switch is “on”.BS ISO 8854 pdf free download.