IEEE 1016-2009 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Information Technology- Systems Design Software Design Descriptions.
IEEE 1016 describes software designs and establishes the information content and organization of a software design description (SDD). An SDD is a representation of a software design to be used for recording design information and communicating that design information to key design stakeholders. This standard is intended for use in design situations in which an explicit SDD is to be prepared. These situations include traditional software construction activities, when design leads to code, and “reverse engineering” situations when a design description is recovered from an existing implementation.
This standard can be applied to commercial, scientific, or military software that runs on digital computers. Applicability is not restricted by the size, complexity, or criticality of the software. This standard can be applied to the description of high-level and detailed designs.
This standard does not prescribe specific methodologies for design. configuration management. or quality assurance. This standard does not require the use of any particular design languages, but establishes requirements on the selection of design languages for use in an SDD. This standard can be applied to the preparation of SDDs captured as paper documents, automated databases, software development tools, or other media.
1.2 Purpose
This standard specifies requirements on the information content and organization of SDDs. The standard specifies requirements for the selection of design languages to be used for SDD, and requirements for docuinetiting design viewpoints to be used in organizing an SDD.
1.3 Intended audience
This standard is intended for technical and managerial stakeholders who prepare and use SDDs. It guides a designcr in the selection, organization, and presentation of design information. For an organization developing its own SDD practices, the use of this standard can help to ensure that design descriptions are complete. concise, consistent, interchangeable. appropriate for recording design experiences and lessons learned, well organized, and easy to communicate.
1.4 Conformance
An SDI) conforms to this standard if it satisfies all of the requirements in Clause 4 and Clause 5 of this standard. Requirements are denoted by the verb shall.
2. Definitions
For the purposes of this standard, the following terms and definitions apply. Th Auiho,-iialhc Ditiionari of IEEE Standards Terms [B13j and IEEE Std I22O7-2OO8 (B2lJ should be referenced for terms not defined in this clause.
3.1 design attribute: An element of a design view that names a characteristic or property of a design entity. design relationship, or design constraint. See also: design constraint, design entity, design relationship.
3.2 design concern: An area of interest with respect to a software design.
3.3 design constraint: An element of a design view that names and specifies a rule or restriction on a design entity, design attribute, or design relationship. Sec also: design attribute, design entity, design relat loiiship.
3.4 design element: An item occurring in a design view that may be any of the fillowing: design entity, design relationship, design attribute, or design constraint.IEEE 1016 pdf download.