IEEE 1095-2012 pdf free.IEEE Guide for the Installation of Vertical Generators and Generator/ Motors for Hydroelectric Applications.
It is essential to have a crew of skilled workers with sufficient helpers and a supervisor experienced in the installation of vertical hydraulic turbine-driven generators. In addition to electricians and mechanics, workers skilled in pipe Iluing, welding, rigging, and winding are usually needed.
In cases where the generator manufacturer is given the job of installing the equipment that they furnish, the gcncrator manufacturer will provide a supervisor and all other personnel needed. Otherwise, it is recommended that one of the generator manufacturer’s field representatives be employed to provide technical direction of the installation. The representative’s familiarity with the construction of the generator and experience in the installation of similar machines are valuable assets.
Close cooperation among the customer, generator manufacturer, exciter manufacturer, turbine manufacturer, governor manufacturer, and any installation contractors involved is necessary to assure proper installation in the most efficient and safe manner. Agreement of the general procedures to be followed should be reached before actual erection begins. A leadership position, like a project manager or general contractor, should be assigned to integrate all manufacturers or contractors into a common schedule.
5. Generator construction
The following paragraphs give a brief description of the construction features of vertical hydraulic turbinedriven generators that have an important bearing on their installation.
The basic elements of the generator (see Figure 1), are the stator (frame, core, and windings), rotor (shaft,thrust block, spider, rim, and poles with windings), thrust bearing, one or two guide bearings, upper and lower brackets (for the support of bearings and other parts), and soleplates, which are bolted to the foundation and form supports for the stationary parts of the machines. Other components may include a direct-connected exciter or starting motor, rotor brakes or combined brakes and jacks, foundation bolts,platform, stairway and handrails, and an air-discharge housing or a totally enclosed ventilating system with surface air coolers.IEEE 1095 pdf free download.