IEEE 1137 CORR1-2009 pdf free.IEEE Guide for the Implementation of Inductive Coordination Mitigation Techniques and Applications Corrigendum.
8. Application of Typical Mitigation Apparatus and Techniques
8.5 Application of Shielding
Change third paragraph to read:The residual current in the power line induces a voltage (50 V < 0° @ 60 Hz & and 500 mV <0° at 900 Hz) in llenducters all conductors and cable shield between locations A and G. Shield current flows in the cable shield between locations A and G. The magnitude (8.3< -259 A @ 60Hz and 14.5< -77° mA @ 900 Hz) is the quotient of the induced voltage and the self-impedance of the cable shield (6.04 < 25° 2 @ 60 Hz and 34.5 < 77° 0 @ 900 Hz), The shield current induces a counter volage in the two 100-pair complements between locations A and G. The value is the product of the shield current and the mutual impedance between the shield and pairs (2.6 < 86.50 2 @ 60 Hz and 33.9 < 85.76 < 85.76° 2 @ 900 Hz).
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