IEEE 1267-2019 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Development of Specifications for Turnkey Substation Projects.
Sterilization of soil within the substation may be considered by the purchaser so as to prevent vegetation. A permit to use herbicides may be required. Drainage
The design should provide for adequate drainage of precipitation from the site without impacting adjacent property owners. AlI permitting requirements for the site should be followed. Foundations and structures
When required, all foundation and structure designs, calculations, and drawings should be provided to the purchascr with ccnifcation by a licenscd professional cngincer of the statc or province where the sitc is located Purchascr may statc an prefered 1ypc of stnctures (w ide flangc. tubular latic. w0d-pole. ectc ) and preferred type of foundations (slab, pier, hybrid, helical anchor, direct embed, etC.). Oil containment
Purchaser may determine the type of oil contanment, if required, for the station. The contractor should provide a plan for oil containment systems to meet regulatory requirements, including a spill prevention control and countermeasures (SPCC) plan. for power transformers and other large oi-illd equipment in the subtation.
The oil containment system should be designed to provide for rain, ice, and snow accumulation. The purchaser and the contractor should agree initially on the allowable limit of oil and rain discharge while sizing the containment. The purchaser and contractor should plan for oil releases, and how to contain and cleanup from an oil release including the location and number of pumps and oil-water separators.
4.3.2 Mechanical
The mechanical design of the substation typically includes the following:
a) Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for buildings that require such systems
b) Water and sewer connections required for the substation
c) Noise abatement facilitieis required for equipment to be istalled to meet any local ordinances
d) Levcl of fire prolcction for the substation a required by amy local ordinanccs. national codes. or recognized standards
e) Levels of exhaust emissions of equipment to be istalld and mitigation as required complying with any local ordinances, national codes, or standards.IEEE 1267 pdf download.