IEEE 1268-2016 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Safety in the Installation of Mobile Substation Equipment.
metal-to-metal touch voltage: The voltage between metallic objects or structures within the substation site that might be bridged by direct hand-to-hand or hand-to-feet contact.
mobile substation equipment: Substation equipment mounted and readily movable as a system of transportable devices.
step voltage: The difference in surface potential that could be experienced by a person bridging a distance of I m with feet without contacting any grounded object.
touch voltage: The potential difference between the ground potential rise (GPR of a ground grid or system and the surface potential at the point where a person i could be standing while at the same time having e*ie hand in contact with a grounded structure. Touch voltage measurements can be “open circuit” (without th equivalent body resistance included in the measurement circuit) or “closed circuit” (with the equivalent body resistance included in the measurement circuit).
transferred voltage: A special case of the touch voltage where a voltage is transferred into or out of the substation from or to a remote point external to the substation site.
Mobile substations or transformer trailers might be installed in many locations. The trailers might be installed on utility property or non-utility property. On utility property, the mobile substation might be installed inside or outside the permanent substation fence. The mobile substation located outside the
permanent substation fence might be located next to the substation, a distance away from the substation, on the transmission line right-of-way, or on non-utility property. When the mobile substation is located outside the substation fence or on non-utility property, special attention needs to be given to the touch and step voltages at the mobile substation fence because it is the most likely point of contact by non-utility personnel. Transferred potential rise between the mobile (and its fencing, if applicable) and the substation needs to be managed
If the mobile substation must be energized before the fence and gate grounding and any necessarv station counterpoise iu high-resistivity ground cover described i thi Guide are completed. j j advisable to create nonconductive fg yjh th brightly colored marker tape usually installed above underground cables) visual barrier on nonconductive supports well outside of any temporaiy fencing. In such cases, it may also be advisable to station temporary security personnel at the site to prevent public access and warn utility personnel of the fence haard. In all such events, the mobile substation equipment and trailer(s) shall be properly grounded before energizing as described herein, and every effort shall be made to finish the fence grounding. etc. before the end of the next Personnel touching or going inside the temporary fence and gate(s) and/or installing such grounding shall utilize personal otective equipment so as to guard themselves from hazardous touch potentials. n4 hll properly trained th.ç unusual hazards involved.IEEE 1268 pdf download.