IEEE 1505.3-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for the Universal Test Interface Framework and Pin Configuration for Portable/Bench Top Test Requirements Utilizing IEEE 1505 Receiver Fixture Interface Standard.
The IEEE Std I 5051M family of Standards allows test systems and test system fixtures to be designed. developed, and deployed; the fixtures could then be exchanged with other test systems adhcring to the common format of the IEEE Std 1505 family of Standards. The IEEE Std 1505 family of Standards has been developed and are maintained under the guidance of the Hardware Interfaces (HI) Subcommittee of IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 (SCC2O).
The scope of this standard is the definition of a universal frameworkifootprint and pin configuration utilizing IEEE 1505 receiver-fixture interface (R11) framework and connector specifications for portable and bcnchtop test applications. The pin configuration defined within this standard shall apply to commercial. aerospace. and military automatic test equipment (ATE) testing applications.
1.3 Purpose
To provide a standardized universal test intcrface inpuLoutput (10) framcwork and pin configuration to enable the interoperability of compliant interface fixtures (also known as interface test adapters, interface devices, or irnerconnection devices) on multiple ATE systems utilizing IEEE 1505 receiver-fixture interface (RFI) in portable and bcnchtop configurations.
1.4 Application
Portable and benchtop test stations link test station interfaces with test fixtures, to permit the generation of signals or to make measurements as part of the evaluation of the units under lest (UUT) functional or parametric characteristics. These station interfaces and test fixture consist of connectors and contacts:
which provide a path for the signals to follow between the (JUT and the test station test assets.
The goal is to standardize on a single connector and contact configuration.
The information contained in this standard will be useful to the following:
– Portable and benchtop test station developers. Portable and hcnchtop test station maintainers.
– Test program set (TPS) developers. TPS maintainers.
1.5 Conventions used within this document
1.5.1 General
This standard uses the vocabulary and definitions of relevam IEEE standards. In case of conflict of definitions, except for those portions quoted from standards, the following precedence shall be observed: I) Clause 3, and 2) the IEEE Siandantc Dictionary Online [B l]
1.5.2 Precedence
The rules, recommendations, suggestions. permissions. and observations of this standard shall take precedence over the normative content of IEEE Std 1505151.2010.2
The rules, recommendations, suggestions, permissions, and observations of this standard shall take precedence over the nonnative content of IEEE Std 1505.1 -2O08.IEEE 1505.3 pdf free download.