IEEE 1547.1a-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems.
The purpose of this test is to verify the EUT establishes its output of real and reactive power in response to a time schedule as specified by the manufacturer. Procedure
Where the EUT can respond by providing multiple characteristics, this test shall be performed with the most severe combination of characteristics of the available settings.
a) Connect the EUT according to the instructions and specifications provided by the manufacturer.
b) Set all source parameters to the nominal operating conditions for the EUT.
c) Set (and verif) all EUT parameters to the prescribed operating stings.
d) Record applicable sttings.
e)Set the EUT clock to agreed-to time prior to the scheduled event. Record the real and reactive power generated by the EUT and time response as scheduled
f) Verify EUT executed the scheduled event as specified.
g) Repeat steps c) through g) for each scheduled event specified by manufacturer. Requirements
If used, the simulated area EPS shall meet the requirements of 4.6. 1. The measurement system shall meet
the requirements of 4.6.2.
Where these functions have an impact on the unintentional islanding performance of the EUT, the islanding est procedure shall be conducted at those most severe settings that impact unintentional islanding performance. The manufacturer shall specify the most severe settings that produce an impact on unintentional islanding.
The test agency shall evaluate and confirm the manufacturers’ specifications. The test report shall record the manufacturers’ specifications and the test agency ‘s means and methods used to confirm the conditions that led to confirmation of conformance to IEEE 1547a. Criteria
The EUT shall be considered in compliance if the real and reactive power output of the EUT conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications while meeting the unintentional islanding test requirements in this standard.IEEE 1547.1a pdf free download.