IEEE 1566-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Performance of Adjustable-Speed AC Drives Rated 375 kW and Larger.
Medium-voltage (MV) circuits shall have the following supplementary protection for operating and maintenance persornie I.
When specified in the data sheets, an incoming unit shall be provided with an externally operable MV isolating means with position indication and the following features:
— It shall be operated from a location that will sali.guard the opcrator from the hazards of electrocution and arc blast.
It shall provide visible evidence of isolation with the door closed.
— It shall be rated for the spccificd continuous and overload currents and coordinated with the specified short-circuit currents.
It shall be interlocked via primary and secondary means to prevent opening if it lacks sufficient
interrupting capability to open expected load currents.
— It shall be possible to lock the disconnect in the off position with a padlock.
Interlocking shall prevent access to energized MV power circuits and operation of the isolator when the door is open.
4.2.4 Spacing and barriers
Spacing between energized parts. and between energized parts and ground. shall be equal to or exceed those listed in Table 5 of UI 347. 5th edition)3
When clearances do not meet those requirements, insulated barriers shall be used. The barriers shall be non-hygroscopic, have adequate (ire resistance, plus mechanical and electrical strength for the particular application.
Barriers shall be used between main power and low-voltage circuits where these occur in the same compartment. Where clearances and creepage distances allow, the barriers may be grounded metal. Appropriate warning labels shall be prominently installed on these compartments.
4.2.5 Capacitor discharge
Means shall be provided to dissipate the stored electrical energy following drive de-energizalion. There shall be no charged circuit holding more than 50 V (dc) after a time (not to exceed 5 mm) indicated by thc manufacturer. There shall be warning labels indicating the dissipation time.
4.2.6 Cautionary labels
Caution. warning, and danger labels using appropriate language or graphic symbols shall be prominently displayed.
Thc ASD (and attached switchgcar. reactor, and transformer, as applicable) shall form a rigid self- supporting structure suitable for floor mounting and be suitable for the environmental conditions listed in the data sheet (Annex A). All power-cable enries shall include adequate cable spreading and bending space in accordance with the applicable local codes, for example, the National Electrical Codc: (NF.CR) (NFPA 70) with allowance for cable terminations, including stress cones and shielding, as listed on the data sheets.
Enclosures shall have provision for grounding. Multi-compartment equipment shall provide a ground bus, which shall have an ampacity at least that of the incoming cquipmcnt grounding conductor (see NEC Table 250.122). All points of connect ion between the ground bus, equipment-grounding conductor, and structural assemblies shall be free of nonconducting material, such as paint. Structural members of adjacent compartments shall be securely bolted together or equipped with bonding jumpers (which, where used, shall have ampacity at least that of the equipment grounding conductor or 200 A. whichever is greater).
Al! bus bars shall be copper, braced fbr the fault level at the particular location. They shall be protected against corrosion in the specified atmosphere. The bus bars shall be of sufficient size to carry the stated ampacity without exceeding a 65 °C temperature risc based on a 40 °C ambient temperature.
The ASD controls and low-voltage end-user terminal blocks shall be in a separate compartment that can be accessed during drive operation.
Field wiring terminals shall be clearly marked and a wiring diagram shall be provided.
Test points and terminals shall be accessible from the front of the enclosure without removal of any adjacent component. The vendor shall state if rear access is required for service of any components and identify which components require rear access.
When specified, electronic boards shall have conlörnial coating applied.
5.2 Insulation
Insulation separating components energized at power voltages including those of liquid cooling systems shall be designed to limit partial discharges to a nondestructive level under design operating conditions.
All insulation materials shall be of non-hygroscopic t>pe and shall be class 105 °C or better.
5.3 Nameplate
The ASD shall be provided, at a minimum, with a clearly visible nameplate that shall have the following
punched or laser-etched information:
—Number of phases
—Nominal input voltage and frequency with maximum1minimum variation
—Auxiliary power requirements.
Thc rectifier shall be constructed such that all components or modules can be serviced or replaced from the front of the drive by no more than two people without disassembly of other components or modules. Any special tools required shall be listed and included as a separate item in the quotation.
The rectifier shall be protected against incoming surgc voltages. The vendor shall slate which means arc used to provide this protection.
The purchaser shall specify the need for rectifier redundancy in the data sheets. If “N—I” (N minus one) redundancy of power devices is not required. with the loss of one device in any leg the drive shall shut down. If redundancy is required. the drive shall not shut down but will continue to operate safely with the loss of one power device in any leg. This condition shall be annunciated.
Control and feedback signals shall be brought to the power devices via means that provide complete isolation or similar means to prevent any single-point failure resulting in excessive voltage being imposed on the control system.
If an uncontrolled bridge is used. he vendor shall state which means are used to prevent overcurrent during energizatlon and during line transients.
5.5 DC link
If the unit is a current-source drive, the reactors may be mounted outdoors, if necessary for heat-loss considerations, in a weatherproof enclosure. The vendor shall specify the winding material and whether the reactors are air- or iron-cored.
If the drive is a voltage-source unit, the dc link capacitors shall have discharge circuits or bleed resistors to reduce the voltage on a dc-energized capacitor in accordance with 4.2.5.
In the data sheet, the vendor shall define the required capacitor replacement frequency with the input voltage variations defined in Clause 6.
5.6 Inverter
The inverter shall be constructed such that all components or modules can be serviced or replaced from the front of the drive by no more than two people without disassembly of other components or modules. Any special tools required shall be included and listed in the proposal.IEEE 1566 pdf free download.