IEEE 1627-2019 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Transient Overvoltage Protection of DC Electrification Systems by Application of DC Surge Arresters.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. The IEEE StandurzL Dk-iionarv
Onlim’ should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause. For additional definitions fi.r understanding
dc surge arresters’ various parameters; which are dc rms voltages and peak voltages refer to standards.
CENELEC CLC.TS 50544. BS EN 50163, EN 50526-1:2012, EN 50526-2: 2014, EN 50526-3: 2016, and
IEC 61992-1:2006.
basic lightning impulse insulation level: Insulation levels designed to withstand surge voltages rather than only normal operating voltages. Since the insulation lines and equipment are protected by surge arresters draining the surges rapidly the insulation is damaged. the arrester must operate below the minimum basic lightning impulse insulation level (BIL) and must withstand the surges.
clearance: The shortest distance in air between two conductive materials.
creepage distance: The shortest distance along the surftice of the insulating material between two conductive materials.
electrical section: The part of an electrical circuit having its own voltage rating ftr insulation coordination. flashover: Disruptive discharge over a solid surface.
grounded: An electrical section intentionally connected to earth that cannot be interrupted.
impulse: A unidirectional wave of voltage or current that without appreciable oscillations rises rapidly to a maximum value and falls usually less rapidly to zero with small. if any. excursions of opposite polarity.
insulated: All components isolated from the energized dc conductors by at least one level of insulation. An insulated section shall be under the influence of adjacent energized circuits. An insulated section shall be considered as an electrical section.
keraunic level: The number of thunderstorm days per year in an area.
lightning arrester: Set’: surge arrester.
lightning flash: A very bright light stream seen in the sky from cloud to ground, or from cloud to cloud, or from ground to cloud on a stormy day.
lightning intensity: The number of lightning strikesper square meter/year in an area.
lightning strike: A cloud-to-ground lightning strike which is a short-duration stroke that (often but not always) appears as a single very bright flash and often has considerable branching. Svn: lightning stroke.
lightning stroke: See: lightning strike.
maxiniuni continuous operating voltage (I(OV): The maximum designated mis continuous operating voltage in dc volts assigned to surge arrester where minimum current is conducted to ground through the arrester for any voltage less than this voltage.IEEE 1627 pdf download.