IEEE 1636.2-2010 pdf free.IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Softwa re Interface for Maintenance Information Collection and Analysis (SIMICA): Exchanging Maintenance Action Information via the Extensible Markup Language (XML).
The scope of this standard is the definition of an exchange format. uiiliiing XML. for exchanging maintenance action infonnation (MAI) associated with the removal, repair, and replacement of system components to maintain/support an operational system.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to promote and facilitate interoperability between components of a test system and applications in a mainlcnancc environment whcrc MAT needs to be shared. The standard will facilitate the capture and exchange of unit under test (UUT) specific maintenance information, facilitating online and oflhine analysis of the maintenance process. The maintenance action schema defines a class of information to be used within the SIMICA family of standards.
This standard, which is a component of the Software Interface for Maintenance Information (‘ollcction and Analysis (SIMICA) standard, was developed by the Diagnostic and Maintenance Control Subcommittee of the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 20 (SC(’20) on Test and Diagnosis for Electronic Systems to providc standard, unambiguous definitions of maintenance information semantics and interrelationships.
This standard specifically describes a set of formal specifications consisting of the logical representation of the information that is used and generated during related diagnostic and maintenance processes. The infonnation model contained in this documcnt provides a normative formal specification of the information concepts and precise semantics that support the unambiguous exchange of information between producers and consumers of historical diagnosis and mairnenance information in a platform independent manner.
The schcmas described in this trial-use standard are intended to document the maintenance actions and events associated with the removal. repair. and replacement of system components required to maintain and support an operational system. This inlbnnation can be used to support policies. procedures. and designs resulting from the analysis of associated maintenance actions and diagnostics. The express schema in this standard is based on ISO 10303-11:1994 [B2]) The XML schema associated with this standard is based on the W3C Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 [B1].IEEE 1636.2 pdf free download.