IEEE 1662-2008 pdf free.IEEE Guide for the Design and Application of Power Electronics in Electrical Power Systems on Ships.
This document summarizes current electrical engineering methods and practices for applying power electronics in electrical power systems on ships. It describes analytical methods, preferred parameters, and perfonnanc characteristics from a common frame of reference for reliable integrated marine electrical power Systems.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to recommend a methodology for analysis and specifications parameters of power electronics equipment for marine electrical power systems. It analyzes the impact of such concepts.
For the purposes of this guide. the following terms and definitions apply. The Authoritative !)ictionwy of IEEE Standards Ternis [1323 I should be referenced for terms not defined in this clause.
3.1.1 active filtering: Controlling power quality without primary control of system voltage.
3.1.2 agent technology: A tool for development of agent-based systems in which agents are capable of performing autonomous actions in order to meet system obectives.
3.1.3 catastrophic fault: A suddcn and total failure from which recovery is impossible and from which immediate shutdown is warranted. Catastrophic faults often lead to cascading systems failure.
3.1.4 commissioning test: A test conducted when the equipment is installed to verify correct operation (also called installation testing, dock trials, and sea trials).
3.1.5 integrated power system (Il’S): A power system where all prime movers produce electrical power that is shared among propulsion. mission, and ship service loads. Discriminating attributes of integrated power systems are flexibility of arrangements, mechanical decoupling between prime movers and propulsors. an increased level of energy conversion and transmission redundancy. and flexibility of redistributing available clecrical power for future electrical weapons.
3.1.6 loading: Converting power and without primary control of system voltage.
3.1.7 medium voltage (MV): I kV to 35 kV.
3.1.8 poscr electronic building block (P11113): A generic building-block concept for power electronics that incorporates standard modules that can be quickly configured to meet the specific hardware and software needs of particular applications. The P11113 concept includes power processor blocks (single phases or multiple phases), gate drives and sensor blocks. analog-to-digital converter blocks for sensor signals, switching or gate drive control blocks, and blocks for communication with higher level controllers. The exact requirements for the system protection depend on its mission and configuration of the system. Each PEBH includes built-in self-protection against voltage surges. overvoltage and undervoliage. fault currents, ground currents, internal faults, overloads, and overtemperature.
3.1.9 production test: A test conducted on every unit of equipment prior to shipment (also called factory acceptance test).IEEE 1662 pdf download.