IEEE 1671.6-2008 pdf free.IEEE Trial-Use Standard for Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) for Exchanging Automatic Test Information via XML : Exchanging Test Station Information.
The scope of this standard is thc definition of an exchange format, utilizing XML, for exchanging the test station information by defining the description of the lest station (e.g., physical and electrical characteristics, components. capabihiliesperfonnance. and identificationiclassilication),
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to provide a standardized format to promote and facilitate interoperability between components of non-manual test systems, by allowing exchange of test station information. The Test Station Schema becomes a class of infonnatioii that can be used within the ATML family of standards.
Each instance document contains the definition of a single test station model. The Test Station schema provides a structure for describing test station capabilities and structure.
This standard will allow common test station information to be transportable across a variety of ATE within the automotive, semiconductor, aerospace and military industries.
1.3 Application
This trial-use standard provides a clear definition of test station information that may be exchanged between conformant cooperating software components and applications. It is an assumption that all complete automatic test stations will have some form of station control (e.g., station PC), and that automatic test information may have some form of control. This trial-use standard provides a definition that accomplishes the following objectives:
a) Provide a means of describing the aspects of a complete automatic test station (ATE) or a partial system thereof. (e.g., automatic test information)
b) Provide a means to represent the current information represented within the specification for a test station.
The information contained in XML documents conforming to this trial-use standard will be useful to:
— Test program set (TPS) developers TPS maintainers
Automatic test equipment (ATE) system developers
— ATE system maintainers
— Developers of ATML-based tools and systems
— UUT developers and maintainers.IEEE 1671.6 pdf free download.