IEEE 1785.3-2016 pdf free.IEEE Recommended Practice for Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 11 0 GHz and Above Part3: Recommendations for Performance and Uncertainty Specifications.
IEEE Std 1785.1-2012 and IEEE Std 1785.2-2016 specify tolerances that improve both the mechanical compatibility of rectangular-waveguide interfaces and the electrical performance. However. JC(IM 100:2008 I 1311 recommends that end users estimate as accurately as possible the actual uncertainties in the measurements they perform. In some cases, the precision of the apertures and interfaces machined by a given manufacturer will exceed the tolerances specified in IEEE Std 1785. 1-2012 and IEEE Std 1785.2-2016. In addition, it is not possible to determine the probability distributions of those dimensions from the tolerances specified in IEEE Std 1785.1-2012 and IEEE Std 1785.2-2016 that JCGM 100:2008 [B)] recommends that end users consider in their uncertainty analyses. This recommended practice provides recommendations that facilitate the communication of the mechanical dimensions of rectangular-waveguide apertures and interfaces actually delivered to the end user by the manufacturer or test laboratory with their uncertainties. These recommendations are specifically designed to provide end users with the information compiled by the manufacturer or test laboratory. End users should follow recommendations from JCGM 100:2008 [HI] to calculate the uncertainty of both reflection and transmission coefficients through interfaces provided by different vendors.
3.2 Dimensional and uncertainty data
Each x in Table I indicates the data that should, at a minimum, be tabulated for the user by the manufacturer or test laboratory.6 Figure I illustrates some of the dimensions listed in Table 1. Specific implementations may address additional interfaces or options that add to and improve on these minimum data.
The uncertainty distributions for the tabulated data should also be specified, The tabulated information should. at a minimum, provide for the specification of standard and truncated Gaussian. rectangular, and Bernoulli (binary) distributions and a distribution should be assigned to each uncertainty mechanism. To accommodate standard and truncated Gaussian distributions, the manufacturer or test laboratory should also specify distribution limits in addition to the standard uncertainty of the distribution. The entry of a standard uncertainty is not required to specify rectangular and Bernoulli distributions,
Worst-case specifications or tolerances should be specified with distributions that limit the value ofa parameter to a specifIed range. F:xampks are the rectangular. arc-sine, Bernoulli, and truncated Gaussian distributions.
It should be made clear that a radius, not a diameter, is being used to specify geometric tolerance zones. The manner in which the calculations are performed should be explained clearly.
Repeated measurements of the reflection coefficient ol’ a load made using a calibrated rdflectometer (e.g.. a vector network analyzer) should be provided for purposes of comparison when data is available ( Li, et at (13111. Horibe and Noda [HXI. and Horibe and Kishikawa 11361).
3.3 Uncertainty calculations
Uncertainty calculations should adhere to the recommendations and practices given in JCGM 100:200X [HI] and JCGM 101:2008 I 1321. The uncertainly due to the shunt susceptance caused by the interconnection of two rectangular-waveguidc interfaces has a roughly quadratic dependence on the lateral offset between the interfaces and can dominate other sources of uncertainty at submilhmctcr-wave and terahertz frequencies (Williams I 13151). Thus, the calculations should be capable of correctly propagating rectangular-waveguide uncertainties (IBISI, Hunter IBI. Marcuvitz (B121, Anson, et al 1B31. Brady [B51, Kerr, ci at (1310], Bannister, ci al IB4I, Oleson and Denning [Bl31. Ridler, Cl at [Bl41 and Horibe. ct al (B7]) in the presence of nonlinear error mechanisms and calculating any statisiical bias in the results.IEEE 1785.3 pdf free download.