IEEE 386-2006 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Separable Insulated Connector Systems for Power Distribution Systems Above 600 V.
IEEE 386 establishes definitions, service conditions, ratings, interchangeable constnuction features, and tests for loadbreak and deadbreak separable insulated connector systems rated above 600 V, 600 A or less,for use on power distribution systems.
2. Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (inchuding any amendments or corrigenda) applies.
3. Definitions
For the purposes of this standard. the following terms and definitions apply The Aurhor#arrve Dictionary of IEEE Standards Terms [B7IS should be referenced for terms not defined in this clause
The following definitions are the intended meanings of ternis used in this standard or associated with separable insulated connector systems Figure 1. Figure 2, Figure 16. Figure 17. and Figure 18 show typical components of separable insubred connectors The term connector as used in this standard means separable insulated connector.
3.1 arc quenching rod: An ablative material added to the end of a probe that serves to pressunze and cool the arc and help deiomze the arc by products while approaching current zero, assisting in the arc internuption process.
3.2 arc ring: Wenal inseited between the metal contact area of a loadbreak probe and the arc quenching
rod for the purpose of limiting arc damage to the probe metal. NOTE—See Figure Sand Figure 9.
3.3 bushing extender: A connector that provides iwo rn-line elbow interfaces.
3.4 bushing insert: A connector component intended for insertion into a bushing well designed for use with another coimector component. such as an elbow
NOTE—See Figure 1.
3.5 bushing well: An apparatus bushing having a cavity for insertion of connector component, such as a bushing insert
NOTE—See Figure 1.
3.6 bushing well plug: An accessovi device designed to electrically insulate. electrically shield, and
mechanically seal a bushing well
3.7 cable adapur: A connector component that fits over the insulation of the cable increasing its diameter
to properly mate with the cable accessoi
3.8 compression lug: The internal current carrving pan of an elbow designed for the transition of the
current path fiom the cable conductor to the connector
3.9 connecting plug: A connector that provides two rn-hoe bushing interfaces
3.10 continuous cut-tent rating: The designated ruts alternating or direct current that the connector can carry continuously under specified conthtions.IEEE 386 pdf free download.