IEEE 575-2014 pdf free.IEEE Guide for Bonding Shields and Sheaths of Single-Conductor Power Cables Rated 5 kV through 500 kV.
This guide describes the most common special shield/sheath-bonding systems now in use on high-voltage single-conductor shielded power cables and the methods of calculating shield/sheath voltages and currents,particularly as applied to three-phase systems operating at 60 kV and above, with the cable neutral grounded directly or as part of a special bonding system as described in the guide.
Although special bonding has been used predominantly in the past on higher voltage cable systems, more recent attention to shield and sheath losses on distribution class cables has prompted users to consider special bonding on lower voltage class cable systems as well. This is particularly applicable on the collector systems for wind farms, where long cable runs interconnect the individual wind turbines. While this guide on induced vokages and currents in metallic shields and sheaths is written largely around high-voltage cables operating at 60 kV and above, the fundamental principles in this document apply equally to single- conductor medium-voltage shielded power cables when installed and operated as outlined in this guide.
The user is cautioned to make sure that the installationoperating design does not contravene any local or national regulations.
1.2 Purpose
The purposc of this guide is to providc the cable engineer with rccommcndations for consideration when designing new power cable deliveiy systems as well as evaluating existing cable systems. This guide addresses the reduction of cable operational losses and increase in cable current carrying capacity through use of special cable bonding and grounding methods. The guide will also assist the user in calculating the standing shield/sheath voltages for various bonding and grounding methods.
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