IEEE 802.15.4j-2013 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks-Part 15.4: Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks (LR-WPANs).
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has allocated spectrum in the range of 2360 MHz to 2400 MHz for use on a secondary basis for MBAN services. MIlAN devices operating within this band conform to a set of rules specified in a Report and Order (FCC 12-54, ET Docket No. 08-59) issued by the FCC, which restrict use of the band to only medical, non-voice use under direction of a healthcare practitioner, among other requirements. As a secondary user in this band, MIlAN devices are required to protect all primary users and accept possible interference from those users. When a primary user is making use of a portion of the band MBAN devices vacate that portion of the band, Use of the band by the primary user is, in general, scheduled well in advance allowing MIlAN users to share the band in an orderly manner.
Insert the following new .cubclause (4.2d) after 4.2c:
4.2d MBAN channel andlor band switch
An MBAN band coordinator may require devices to switch their operating channel andior band at a specific time. The PHY Parameter Change IE is used by a device to notit’ another device to change operating channel and/or band at a certain time. This situation can arise, for example, for MBAN devices when a primary user is scheduled to use part of the band covering the MBAN device’s operating channel at a scheduled time. The device is then required to vacate the channel at the scheduled time and move to another channel and’or band that does not interfere with the primary user.
The PHY Parameter Change IE is used by a device to notify a peer device or devices to switch operating band, channel, or other PHY specific operational parameters. This IE may be used in a directed frame to initiate a change between specific peers, or may be used in periodic beacons to affect a coordinated change among members of a PAN. The specific procedures for affecting a change are outside the scope of this standard.
The content of the PHY Parameter Change IE shall be formatted as illustrated in Figure 48uu.IEEE 802.15.4j pdf download.