IEEE 802.16K-2007 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges Amendment 5: Bridging of IEEE 802.16.
6.5 Support of the Internal Sublayer Service by specific MAC procedures
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6.5.5 Support by IEEE Std 802.16 (WMAN)
The Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) MAC access method is specified in IEEE Std 802.16.
Clause 5 of that standard specifies the Service Specific Convergence Sublayers (CS) that implement the
802.16 MAC service. Subclause 5.2.4 (802.3 Packet CS) describes the mode of the Packet CS that supports
the Internal Sublayer Service.
Subclauses 5.1 (ATM CS), 5.2.5 (IEEE Std 802.IQTM2003 virtual local area network (VLAN) specific part) and 5.2.6 (Packet CS IP specific part) shall not support the Internal Sublayer Service.
Multiple encapsulation methods arc provided in the MAC CS in Clause 5. However the bridging function depends on the correct modeling of the Ethernet transport by the Ethernet CS only, and is indifferent to any additional encapsulation.
Clause 6 specifies the MAC Common Part Sublayer (MAC CPS) transmission and reception procedures and Annex C describes the MAC CPS service definition.
IEEE Std 802.16 includes no explicit definition of the MAC’ service definition for the 802.3 Packet CS. The 802.3 Packet CS MAC’ service is defined in IEEE Std 802.3 Clause 2.
The 802.16 MAC’ CPS presents a connection-oriented MAC’ service. The 802.3 packet CS utilizes this service to present the 802.3 service. A pair of communicating peer CS entities between an 802.16 BS and an 802.16 SS create a point-to-point LAN as defined in 6.4.3.
Since the 802.3 specific part of the packet CS does not forward the frame_check_sequence parameter of the MLJNITDATA.indication, then
1) Any service flow using this MAC CS shall enable the 802.16 MAC CRC.
2) PHS validation shall not be turned off tbr this service flow (since 802.16 MAC CRC cannot protect suppressed MAC header fields). Support for Internal Sublayer Service under IEEE Std 802.16 and IEEE Std 802.3 Packet CS
The frame_type. destination_address, source_address, mac_service_data_unit and user_priority parameters of the M UNITDATA primitive are encoded as described in 6.5.1.
The value of opcrPointToPointMAC (6.4.3) shall be TRUE.
The value of MAC_Enabled shall be determined by the procedLire described in 6.5.l.
After the 802. 16 SS has registered with the BS, authenticated, and performed capabilities negotiation, and after the 802.3 Packet CS has established the active MAC CPS service flows necessary to carry 802 frames, then the value of the MAC_Operational parameter shall be determined by the procedure described in 6.5.1. Beforehand, the value of MAC Operational shall be FALSE.
Frame sizc limits arc determined by IEEE Std 802.3TM.IEEE 802.16K pdf free download.