IEEE 802.3bw-2015 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 1: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 1 00 Mb/s Operation over a Single Balanced Twisted Pair Cable (100BASE-T1).
1.4.393 snibo1: Within IEEE 802.3. the smallest unit of data transmission on the mcdium. Symbols are unique to the coding system employed. For example. IOOBASE-T4 and IOOBASE-Tl usc uses-ternary symbols; IOBASE-T uses Manchester symbols; IOOBASE-X uses binary symbols or code-bits; IOOBASE-T2 and 1 000BASIE-T uses quinary symbols. For I 000BASE-X PMDs operating at 1.25 GBd, a symbol corrcsponds to a code-bit after the SB lOB encoding operation i.e. has the duration of 0.8 ns. For IOGBASE-R PMDs operating at 10.3 125 GBd. a symbol corresponds to a code-bit after the 64B/668 encoding operation i.c. has thc duration olapproximately 0.097 ns.
1.4.394 smboI period: In I000BASE-T. the time interval for transmission of one code-group. This is equivalent to 8 ns. In IOOBASE-TI. this is equivalent to 15 ns with a code-group of 30 ns. (See IEEE Std 802.3, Clause 40 and Clause 96.)
1.4.395 symbol rate (SR): Within IEEE 802.3, the total number of symbols per second transferred to or
from the Medium Dependent Interface (MDI) on a single wire pair. For IOOBASE-T4. the symbol rate is
25 MBd: for IOOBASE-X. the symbol rate is 125 MBd; for IOOBASE-T2. the symbol rate is 25 MBd; for
I000BASE-T. the symbol rate is 125 MBd: for IOOBASE-TI. the symbol rate is 66.666 MBd.
1.4.398 ternari smbol: In IOOBASE-T4 and lBASE-Tl, a ternary data element, A ternary symbol can have one of three values: —1.0. or +1. (Sec IEEE Std 802.3. (liu’.c 23 and Clause 96.)
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l.4.l6a lOO8.SE-Tl: IEEE 802.3 Physical Layer specification Ira 100 Mb’s Ethernet full duplex local area network over a single balanced twisted-pair. (Sec IEEE Std 802.3. Clause 96.)
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l.4.87a 4B/3B: For IEEE 802.3. the data encoding technique used by IOOBASE-TI when converting 4-bit (48) MIl data with 25 MI-li clock to 3-bit (38) data with 33.333 MI-li clock. (Sec IEEE Sid 802.3.
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1.4.22 Ia FORCE mode: FORCE mode is a PI-IY initialiiation procedure used for manual configuration of MASTER-SLAVE assignment to achieve link acquisition between two link partners. (Sec IEEE Std 802.3, 96.4.4.)IEEE 802.3bw pdf free download.