IEEE 828-2012 pdf free.IEEE Standard for Configuration Management in Systems and Software Engineering.
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. ISO/IEC/IEEE 24765’ and the IEEE Standards Dictionary: Glossary of Ternis and Definitions2 should be consulted for terms not defined in this clause.
2.1 Definitions
baseline: (I) specification or product that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon. that thereafter serves as the basis for further development, and that can be changed only through formal change control procedures (2) formally approved version of a configuration item, regardless of media, formally designated and fixed at a specific time during the configuration item’s life cycle. (ISO/IEC 24765:2009)
NOTE—A software baseline is a set (one or more) of software configuration items formally designated and fixed at a specific time during the software life cycle. A baseline, together with all approved changes to the baseline, represents the current approved configuration. The term is thus used to refer to a particular version of a software configuration item that has been agreed on, c.g, as a stable base for further development or to mark a specific project milestone. In either case, any new baseline is agreed through the project’s agreed change control procedures.
build: (n) an operational version of a system or component that incorporates a specified subset of the capabilities that the final product will provide (ISO/TEC 24765:2009): (v) to perform the steps required to produce an instance of the product.
NOTE—In software, this means processing source files to derive target tiles. In hardware, this means assembling a physical object.
configuration control hoard (CCB): (1) a group of people responsible for evaluating and approving or disapproving proposed changes to configuration items, and for ensuring implementation of approved changes (ISO/IEC 24765:2009) (2) qualified personnel who evaluate, for approval or disapproval, all proposed changes to the current developmental baseline. (ISO/IEC 2382-20:1990, 20.07.08) Syn: change control board (ISO/IEC 24765:2009)
configuration item (CI): aggregation of work products that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process. (ISO/IEC 24765:2009)IEEE 828 pdf download.