IEEE C37.100.1-2007 pdf free.IEEE Standard of Common Requirements for High-Voltage Power Switchgear Rated Above 1000 V.
IEEE C37.100.1 applies to alternating current (ac) switchgcar, designed for both indoor and outdoor installation and for operation at service frequencies up to and including 60 Hz on systems having voltages above 1000 V.
Application of this standard shall be indicated by normative reference to IEEE Std C37. 100.1-2007 in the relevant equipment standard on a section or clause-by-clause basis. Refer to Annex A. The inclusion of this standard as a normative reference shall not imply that all of the requirements contained herein apply as a default. in the absence of a normative reference, this standard shall be considered informative only.’ in case of a conflict in requirements, the requirements of the relevant equipment standard shall prevail.
NOTE 1—in general. this standard applies to all high-voltage power switchgear designed to IEEE C37Th1 series. Exceptions include low-voltage standards (less than 1000 V) and protective relay standards.2
NOTE 2—For the use of this standard, ‘high voltage” (see 1EV 6Ol-O1-27) is the rated voltage above 1 kV. However, the term “medium voltage” (see 1EV 601-01-28) is commonly used for distribution systems with voltages above 1 kV and generally applied up to and including 52 kV.
NOTE 3—There are many common requirements found in the IEEE C37 switchgear standards. These include service conditions, ratings, such as temperature rise limits, and test methods. This common requirements standard is provided to promote standardization of the requirements and to simplify the maintenance of these standards.
1.2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies.
NOTE I—References to IEC standards are either informative or offer an alternative to an IEEE standard. The user is cautioned that the IEEE standard and the IEC standard, while comparable, may not bc equivalent. The use of an IEC standard should be based on agreement among the user, the manufacturer, and the certifying test laboratory. Use of an IEC siandard for a design (type) test should be noted in the test report.
NOTE 2—International standards not referenced in this clause are to be considered informative and are listed in the bibliography in Annex K.
ANSI C37.85, American National Standard for Switchgear—Alternating-Current High-Voltage Power Vacuum Interrupters—Safety Requirements for X-Rad iation Limits.4
ANSI C63.2, American National Standard for Electromagnetic Noise and Field Strength Instrumentation, 10 Hz to 40 GHz—Specifications.
ANSI/IEC 60529, Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures (IP Code). ANSI/NEMA MG I, Motors and Generators.IEEE C37.100.1 pdf free download.