IEEE C37.30.1a-2017 pdf free.IEEE Standard Requirements for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1 000 V Amendment 1: Criteria for acceptance.
Insert the following new text in 8.6.3 as shown:
The mechanical operations tests shall be satisfactorily completed if all parts. including contact surfaces, are in good condition and do not show undue wear. In the case of switches that depend upon silver or silver alloy contacts, or other similar high conductivi’ materials, for their ACCC designation, any evidence of wear through to the contact’s substrate material (such as copper) at the contact surface shall be considered undue wear and constitutes a failure.
The contact forces or electrical resistance shall be determined before beginning and after completing the test to verit’ that no significant change has occurred in the condition of the switch. If there is an increase in resistance of more than 20%. a temperature rise test is required. Resistance measurements of the main circuit shall be made in accordance with 6.4.1 of IEEE Std C37.l0O.lTM2OO7.
If there is doubt about the successful performance of the switch, then a continuous current test (sec 8.2.1) or a short-time withstand current test (see 8.3) shall be made to prove acceptable performance.IEEE C37.30.1a pdf download.