IEEE C57.12.90-2006 pdf free.IEEE Standard Test Code for Liquid-Immersed Distribution,Power, and Regulating Transformers.
IEEE C57.12.90 describes methods tbr performing tests specified in IEEE Std C57. 12.OO1i.2OO6 and other standards applicable to liquid-immersed distribution, power, and regulating transformers. It is intended for use as a basis for performance. safety, and proper testing of such transformers.
This standard applies to all liquid-immersed transformers, except instrument transformers, step-voltage and induction voltage regulators, arc furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, specialty transformers, grounding transformers, and mine transformers.
Transformer requirements and specific test criteria arc not a part of this standard, but they are contained in appropriate standards. such as IEEE Std C57.12.OO-2006. ANSI C57.12.lO-1988, ANSI C57.12.20-1997, and ANSI C57.12.40-1994,’ or in user specifications.
1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to provide test procedure information.
1.3 Word usage
When this standard is used on a mandatory basis, the word shall indicates mandatory requirements. The words should or mai refer to matters that are recommended or permitted but not mandatory.
2. Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies.
ANSI C57.12.I0-I9XX, American National Standard for Transfonners 230kV and Below. 833i95X through
8333/10 417 kVA. Single-Phase, and 750862 through 60 000/80 000.100 000 kVA. Three-Phase without
Load Tap (‘hanging; and 3750.4687 through 60 00080 000/100 000 kVA with Load Tap (‘hanging— Safety Requirements.2
ANSI (‘57.12.20-1997, American National Standard for Overhead-Type Distribution Transformers 500 kVA and Smaller: High Voltage. 34 500 Volts and Below: Low Voltage 7970/13 XOOY and Below— Requirements.
ANSI C57.1122-l995, American National Standard for Transformers Pad-Mounted. Compartmental-
Type. Self-Cooled. Three-Phase Distribution Transformers with High-Voltage Bushings. 2500 kVA and
Smaller High-Voltage. 34 500 GrdY/19 920 Volts and Below; Low Voltage. 480 Volts and Below— Requirements.
ANSI C57.12.24-l994. American National Standard for Transformers—Underground-Type Three-Phase
Distribution Transformers. 2500 kVA and Smaller: High-Voltage, 34 500 (irdY/19 920 Volts and Below;
Low Voltage. 480 Volts and Below Requirements.
ANSI (‘57.12.25-1990. American National Standard for Transformers—Pad-Mounted. Compartmental-
Type. Self-Cooled. Single-Phase Distribution Transformers with Separable Insulated High-Voltage
Connectors; High-Voltage, 34 500 GrdY/l9 920 Volts and Below; Low-Voltage. 240/120 Volts; 167 kVA
and Smaller—Requirements.
ANSI (‘57.12.40-1994. American National Standard for Secondary Network Transfonners—Subway and Vault Types (Liquid Immersed) Requirements.
ANSI C63.2-1996. American National Standard for Electromagnetic Noise and Field Strength Instrumentation. 10 klIz to 40 Gllz—Spcciticatiuns.
ANSI (‘84.1-1995. American National Standard for Electric Power Systems and Equipment Voltage Ratings (60 Hertz).
ANSI Sl.4-1983 (ReatI 1997). American National Standard for Sound Level Meters.
ANSI Sl.l 1-1986 (Reaff 1998), American National Standard for Octave Band and Fractional-Octave-Band Analog and Digital Filters.IEEE C57.12.90 pdf free download.