IEEE N42.43-2016 pdf free.American National Standard Performance Criteria for Mobile and Transportable Radiation Monitors Used for Homeland Security.
Unless otherwise specified in an individual step, tests enumerated in this standard may be used as part of a type test. Certain tests may be considered as acceptance tests by agreement between the user and manufacturer.
4.2 Meeting performance specifications
Obtaining operating performance that meets or exceeds the specifications stated in this standard depends upon proper set up. establishing appropriate operating parameters. providing security for the monitor. maintaining calibration, implementing a suitable response-testing and maintenance program, auditing compliance with quality requirements, and providing proper training for operating personnel.
4.3 Units and measurements
For the purposes of this standard the radiological unit of exposure rate, roentgen per hour (R/h). is used. Radiation test fields may be established through measurement or calculation. Radiation test fields established by measurement shall be made using devices traceable to NIST or an equivalent recogniied organization. The device used to establish radiation test fields should measure exposure rate. Conversion coefficients shall be applied (see Iso 4037-3) if using a device that measures ambient dose-equivalent rate or other dose-rate quantity. When radiation fields arc determined through calculation, the technique used shall be described in the test record.
Other than ambient background, measured radiation test fields shall be detennincd at an uncertainty of ±20% with a coverage factor (k) of 1.
Measurement of test fields for climatic, dynamic, and electromagnetic conditions shall be made using equipment traceable to NIST or an equivalent organization.
4.4 Special word usage
The following word usage applies:
The word shall signifies a mandatory requirement (where appropriate a qualifying statement is included to indicate that there be an allowable exception).
— The word should signifies a recommended specification or method.
The word mar signifies an acceptable method or an example of good practice.
4.5 Standard test conditions
Except where otherwise specified, the tests in this standard should be performed under the standard test conditions given in Table 1. The value of temperature, pressure. and relative humidity at the time of the test shall be recorded.
NOTE—Special applications, which could include a monitor’s operation under weather conditions or detection needs that are not addressed by this standard. may require additional testing.IEEE N42.43 pdf free download.