IEEE PC37.30.5-2017 pdf free.Draft Standard for Definitions for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1000 V.
minimum clearance to ground: The shortest distance between any live part and adjacent grounded pans.
moving contact: A conducting part that bears a contact surface arranged for movement to and from the stationary contact.
nonenclosed switches, indoor or outdoor: Mechanical switching devices designed for service without a housing restricting heat transfer to the external medium.
olTset (outboard) bearing (air sss Itch): A component of a switch-operating mechanism designed to provide support fur a torsional operating member and a crank that provides reciprocating motion for switch operation.
open operation (of a switching (lesice): The movement of the contacts from the normally closed to the normally open position.
opening operating time (of a switch): The interval of time it takes during switch operation to move from the fully closed to the fully open position.
opening operation (of a switching device): See: open operation (of a switching device).
outrigger (of a switching device terminal): An attachment that is fastened to or adjacent to the terminal pad of a switching device to maintain electrical clearance between the conductor and other paris or, when fastened adjacent. to relieve mechanical strain on the terminal, or both.
overhead line charging current: Current supplied to an unloaded overhead line.
parallel connected capacitance (as applied to interrupter sss Itches): Capacitances are defined to be parallel connected when the crest value of inrush current to the capacitance being switched exceeds the switch inrush current capability for single capacitance.
phase spacing (of a sss itching device): The distance between center-lines of the current carrying parts of the adjacent poles of the switching device.
protective gap: A gap placed between live parts and ground to limit the maximum overvoltage that may occur.IEEE PC37.30.5 pdf free download.