ISO 10766-2014 pdf free.Hydraulic fluid power-Cylinders-Housing dimensions for rectangular- section-cut bearing rings for pistons and rods.
ISO 10766 specifies the preferred range of nominal dimensions and associated tolerances for a series of hydraulic cylinder piston and rod housings for rectangular-section-cut bearing rings, of the type shown in Clause 5. for applications in the following range of dimensions:
— for cylinders with bores of 16 mm to 500 mm, inclusive;
— for rods with diameters of 12 mm to 450 mm, inclusive.
This International Standard does not give details of cut bearing ring design, because the manner of construction of cut bearing rings varies with each manufacturer.
The design material of cut bearing rings is determined by conditions such as the temperature, pressure and side load on the cylinder to which they are fitted.
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For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 5598 apply.
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