ISO 11963-2012 pdf free.Plastics – Polycarbonate sheets一 Types, dimensions and characteristics.
This International Standard specifies the requirements for solid, flat extruded sheets of polycarbonate (PC) for general applications. It applies specifically to sheets made of poly(p,p’-isopropylidene-diphenyl carbonate). The sheets may be coloured or colourless, and they may be transparent, translucent or opaque. The sheets may also have a special weather-protective layer on one or both surfaces. This International Standard applies only to thicknesses equal to or greater than 1,5 mm.
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3 Composition
3.1 The following type of PC is preferred for PC sheet extrusion:
Thermoplastics ISO 7391-PC,E,61-09
(see ISO 7391-1 for explanation of designation system for PC)
3.2 The sheet may contain colorants, additives, processing aids and stabilizers (e.g. UV-absorbers) up to a total mass content of5 %.
3.3 Sheets of the type specified in Clause 4 may have a protective layer (on one or both surfaces) with a UV-absorber content higher than that of the substrate. The composition of the protective layer (e.g. polycarbonate and UV-absorber, or PMMA and UV-absorber, or other materials) and the application techniques (e.g. co-extrusion, coating, lamination, flow-coating, dipping) are not specified by this International Standard.ISO 11963 pdf download.