ISO 15825-2015 pdf free.Rubber compounding ingredients — Carbon black — Determination of aggregate size distribution by disc centrifuge photosedimentometry.
ISO 15825 specifies a method for determining the size distribution of carbon black aggregates, using a disc centrifuge photosedimentometer. This technique is based on the hydrodynamic behaviour of carbon black in a centrifugal field. The determination of the aggregate size distribution is important in the evaluation of carbon black used in the rubber industry.
2 Normative references
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Iso 1124, Rubber compounding ingredients — Carbon black shipment sampling procedures ISO 3696, Water for analytical laboratory use — Specification and test methods
3 Significance and use
Disc centrifuge photosedimentometry produces a rapid mass-differential aggregate size distribution, by continuously measuring the solution turbidity as a function of centrifugation time. In order to obtain a true mass distribution, a light scattering correction has to be applied.
4 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
4.1 General terms
4.1.1 carbon black aggregate
discrete, rigid colloidal entity that is the smallest dispersible unit in a suspension
Note Ito entry: it is composed of extensively coalesced particles.
4.1.2 spin fluid
inert liquid injected into the disc prior to the sample, through which aggregates sediment
Note ito entry: Alkaline conditions minimize agglomeration of dispersed aggregates in most cases.
4.1.3 dispersion fluid
liquid in which aggregates are dispersed
5.1 Disc centrifuge photosedimentometer (DCP)’), capable of rotational speeds of 1 000 r/min to 11 000 r/min or greater, with integral spin feed-back control (accuracy and stability of rotational speed better than ± 0,05 %), spin fluid volume from 10 cm3 to 20 cm3, stable temperature of spin fluid, stroboscope to monitor the rotating disc both for stability and streaming anomalies, and an appropriate optical turbidity measuring device.
5.2 Energy meter, capable of measuring the energy consumption (in kWh) of the probe-type sonicator.
The energy meter is inserted between an electrical plug of the laboratory and the plug of the power supply cord of the sonicator. The actual energy consumption is indicated on a digital display.ISO 15825 pdf free download.