ISO 17804-2020 pdf download.Founding – Ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons – Classification.
5 Order information
The following information shall be supplied by the purchaser:
a) the complete designation of the material;
b) any special requirements (including the relevant wall thickness, when necessary)
All agreements shall be made between the manufacturer and the purchaser at the time of acceptance of the order.
6 Manufacture
The method of producing ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron shall be left to the joint discretion of the foundry and the heat treater.
The chemical composition shall be agreed upon between the manufacturer of the casting and the heat treater.
The method of producing spheroidal graphite cast iron to be austempered shall be left to the discretion of the foundry.
The heat treatment shall be left to the discretion of the heat treater.
Both shall ensure that the casting process and heat treatment process are carried out with the same
process parameters as the approved first sample(s).
7 Requirements
7.1 General
The property values of these materials apply to castings cast in sand moulds or moulds of comparable thermal behaviour. Subject to amendments to be agreed upon in the order, they can apply to castings obtained by alternative methods.
The material designation is based on the minimum mechanical properties obtained in separately cast, cast side-by-side or cast-on samples with a thickness or diameter of 25 mm, cast in a sand mould or a mould of comparable thermal behaviour, corresponding to a relevant wall thickness t  30 mm, as given in Table 1.
For samples cut from the casting, the location shall be agreed between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
The designation is irrespective of the type of cast sample.
Mechanical properties for test pieces cut from a casting are affected not only by material properties (a subject of this document), but also by the local casting soundness (not a subject of this document). Tensile, impact and any other mechanical testing requires sound material in the test pieces to provide representative test results.
7.2 Test pieces machined from cast samples
7.2.1 General
The mechanical properties of ausferritic spheroidal graphite cast iron grades shall be as specified in Table 1 and, if applicable. in accordance with the requirements given in 722.ISO 17804 pdf download.