ISO 18089-2015 pdf free.Corrosion of metals and alloys – Determination of the critical crevice temperature (CCT) for stainless steels under potentiostatic control.
ISO 18089 describes the l)rocetltire for determining the critical crevice temperature (CCT) for stainless steels under potent lostal ic control.
The principal advantage of the test is the rapidity with which the CCT can he measured in a single test procedure. The CCT. as determined in this International Standard, can be used as a relative index of performance, for example, to compare the relative performance of different grades nistainless steel.
The test described in this International Standard is not intended to determine the temperature at which crevice corrosion will occur in service.
This method is not intended for materials with critical pitting [ciii j)erat ure (CP1’) values below
20 °C measured in accor(lance with ISO I 7864, when measured in the same test solution and at the
SaIiW potential
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3 Terms and definitions
ior the I)LIFI)0SCS 01 this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 8044, ISO 178b4 and the following apply.
critical crevice teniperature CCT lowest temperature on the surface of the specimen at which stable propagating crevice corrosion occ u rs Li nder sped lied test conditions.ISO 18089 pdf download.