ISO 28560-1-2011 pdf free.Information and documentation – RFID in libraries – Part 1: Data elements and general guidelines for implementation.
This part of ISO 28560 specifies a model for the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags for items appropriate for the needs of all types of libraries, including academic, public, corporate, special and school.
This part of ISO 28560 provides the framework to ensure interoperability between libraries that exchange library items with RFID tags, the freedom of the library to acquire or renew equipment or library items from different vendors and interoperability of a single RFID application from the vendor’s perspective.
This part of ISO 28560 specifies a set of data elements and general guidelines for implementation, to meet the needs for:
— circulation of library items; acquisition of library items;
— interlibrary loan processes;
data requirements of publishers, printers and other suppliers of library items; inventory and stock checking of items.
This part of ISO 28560 gives guidelines for item security, profiles, privacy, implementation, migration, label design and location of the RFID label.
This part of ISO 28560 specifies the data model, system data elements and user data elements to be used in conjunction with ISO 28560-2, ISO 28560-3 and any future parts of ISO 28560.
A source of additional information about implementation issues is provided in Annex A.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO/IEC 15961-3, Information technology— Radio frequency identification (RFID) for item management: Data protocol — Part 3: RFID data constructs
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the fllowing terms and definitions apply.
3.1 distributor
wholesaler that purchases products from manufacturers and sells them to retailers or other wholesalers
NOTE In the context of ISo 28560, a ditributor is a wholesaler that purchases library materials such as books or audiovisual materials from publishers and sells them to libraries or retailers.
3.2 interlibrary loan ILL service where a library borrows an item from another library
3.3 item unit tracked in a library system
NOTE An item, which can be a set (3.7), can be loanable or non-circulating, but is always loaned in its entirety.
3.4 jobber
specialized distributor of library items that provides services such as the attachment of labelling and electronic information to items to make them ready for immediate shelving upon arrival at the destination library.ISO 28560-1 pdf download.