ISO 3037-2013 pdf free download.Corrugated fibreboard – Determination of edgewise crush resistance (unwaxed edge method).
ISO 3037 specifies an unwaxed edge method for the determination of the edgewise crush resistance of corrugated fibreboard. It is applicable to all corrugated fibreboard grades.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
Iso 186, Paper and board — Sampling w determine average quality
ISO 187, Paper, board and puips — Standard atmosphere for conditioning and testing and procedure for monitoring the atmosphere and conditioning of samples
ISO 13820, Paper, board and corrugated fibreboard — Description and calibration of corn pressiontesting equipment
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1 edgewise crush resistance
maximum force per unit length that a test piece of corrugated fibreboard can support until the onset of failure when a compressive force is applied with the flute structure perpendicular to the loading surfaces
4 Principle
A rectangular test piece of corrugated fibreboard, placed between the platens of a compression tester with the flutes perpendicular to the surfaces of the platens, is subjected to an increasing compressive force until failure occurs. The maximum force sustained by the test piece Is measured.
5 Apparatus
5.1 Fixed-platen compression testing machine as described in ISO 13820. It is preferable to avoid the use of emery paper on the platens.
While it is safer to avoid the use of emery paper on the platens, because it is a requirement of other test methods, the platens may be faced with very fine emery paper of a grade not coarser than 00. Where this is done, due regard should be paid to maintaining the flatness and parallelism requirements specified for the faces.
5.2 CuttIng device, such as a high-speed table saw or Billerud-type cutter (see Annex A), capable of cutting test pieces to the quality of cut described in &3 and &4.
5.3 Guide blocks, two rectangular, smooth-finished, blocks of dimensions approximately
20 mm x 20 mm x 100 mm, to support the test piece and keep it perpendicular to the platen surfaces. It
is advisable to fit each guide block with a probe, to enable each block to be moved safely during the test.
6 Sampling
If the average quality of a lot of corrugated fibreboard is to be determined, sampling shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 186. If another type of sample is to be tested, make sure that the test pieces taken are representative of the sample received.
7 Conditioning
The sample shall be conditioned in accordance with ISO 187.
8 Preparation of test pieces
8.1 Prepare the test pieces in the same atmospheric conditions as used to condition the sample.
8.2 Using a sharp blade and a procedure that ensures the cuts are parallel, cut, from the sample. specimens with the following dimensions: 100,0 mm ± 0,5 mm in the direction perpendicular to the flutes and 70 mm to 300 mm in the direction parallel to the flutes, such that test pieces can be obtained from an undamaged area of the sample.
8.3 From undamaged areas of the specimens (82), using an appropriate cutting device (52), cut
sufficient test pieces 25,0 mm ± 0,5 mm in the direction parallel to the flutes, so that 10 valid tests are
obtained. Each test piece will then measure 25,0 mm ± 0,5 mm in height (the direction of the flutes) and
100,0 mm ± 0,5 mm in length (the direction perpendicular to the flutes).
If a Billerud-type cutter (52) is used, insert the uncut strip until it almost contacts the end stop, and ensure that a sufficient length of strip extends on the other side of the blades and that the edge is in contact with the squareness guide.
Irrespective of the method of cutting, the edges subjected to load shall be cleanly cut, straight, parallel and perpendicular to the board surfaces (8A).ISO 3037 pdf download.