ISO 3071-2020 pdf free.Textiles – Determination ofpH of aqueous extract.
This document specifies a method for determining the pH of the aqueous extract of textiles. The method is applicable to textiles in any form (e.g. fibres, yarns, fabrics).
2 Normative references
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ISO 3696, Water for analytical laboratory use — Spec,fication and test methods
3 Terms and definitions
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co-logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in an aqueous extract
4 Principle
The pH-value of an aqueous extract of a textile is measured electrometrically at room temperature by means of a glass electrode.
5 Reagents
All reagents used shall be of recognized analytical grade.
5.1 Distilled or deionized water, of at least grade 3 as defined in ISO 3696, having a pH between 5,0 and 7,5.
The pH shall be verified the first time the water is used. If it is not within the specified range, the water shall be redistilled using chemically resistant glassware. Acid or organic matter can be removed by distilling water from a solution of 1 g/l potassium permanganate and 4 g/l sodium hydroxide. Alkalinity (e.g. the presence of ammonia) can be removed by distilling the water from a solution of dilute sulfuric acid. If the distilled water is not grade 3, boil 100 ml of distilled water in a beaker at a moderate rate for (10 ± 1) mm and allow the covered beaker to cool to room temperature.
5.2 Potassium chloride solution, 0,1 mol/l, prepared using distilled or deionized water (Si.).ISO 3071 pdf free download.